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Meet Pet Artist Jan Hellwege

If you’ve ever heard, “Yes, but that’s not a real job,” then you know where this post is coming from. You may have been nine when you heard it and said you wanted to be in the circus or 12 like I was and said you wanted to write novels or even 18 and said… Continue reading Meet Pet Artist Jan Hellwege

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Meet Makeup Mermaid Sharon Tabb

by Malena Lott One of my favorite memories of my grandmother was watching her sit at her makeup counter and swipe on her red lipstick. I couldn’t wait until I could wear makeup and in the ’80s, I tried it all including the crazy neon phase. What I love most about makeup is primarily that it makes… Continue reading Meet Makeup Mermaid Sharon Tabb

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Believing in Love After Heartbreak

I combed my wet hair as thoughts of my friend’s divorce filled my head. I felt that familiar tug in my chest – a deep empathetic sadness – one perhaps only someone who has walked in those shoes can feel so richly. As the voice in my head wondered, “When will they go public and how will… Continue reading Believing in Love After Heartbreak

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Every Day, Adventure: Kansas City

“Whether our cities are physically bad or physically good is our responsibility” — J. C. Nichols (developer, Country Club Plaza, est. 1929) “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye Wasn’t hard to develop a big ol’ travel crush on Kansas City in just a weekend. Barbecue, storms, champagne, romance, shopping – a little… Continue reading Every Day, Adventure: Kansas City

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Meet Teacher/Sister Mermaid Tina Ross

I tried to remember the first time I met Tina. I was told I was so mad upon her arrival that I held my breath until I passed out. If that’s the case, I guess I’ve been a drama queen since 14 months of age. Tina and I are nearly Irish twins yet she relishes… Continue reading Meet Teacher/Sister Mermaid Tina Ross

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Meet Publicity Mermaid Cyndy Hoenig

“Oh, honey, let me tell you…” That’s how a lot of conversations begin with the bold, highly-energetic PR Rock Star Cyndy Hoenig. She’s one of those souls who isn’t afraid to talk about anything and she’s quick to use stories of her own mistakes in life as lessons for the listener. She’s also quick with… Continue reading Meet Publicity Mermaid Cyndy Hoenig

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Meet Endeavor Mermaid Katrina Shaklee

Are you defined by your limits? What if you turned something that was a perceived weakness into a strength? What if you did something no one – even yourself – thought you could do? I first met today’s Mermaid in 1991 at a family reunion in a hot hotel lobby. I went as a favor… Continue reading Meet Endeavor Mermaid Katrina Shaklee