May 18 & 19, 2017 Promotion Power

It’s time to rev up our marketing with creative promotion and events to help us sail through 2017 with better connections, increased revenue and a happier you. Yes, marketing can be stressful, but with a solid strategy in place and a timeline to help us along, promotions can actually be fun. Learn more about my philosophy and practices to see if this course could help you hit your 2017 goals.

Registration event details here. 

5 P’s of Personal Brand Power, a One Bow/Many Arrows Course

June 7-11, 2017

5 days, 1 new lesson per day, including a video, worksheet and Q&A. Live video will be posted each day in a private Facebook Group for our first round of Hunters. Access and complete at your pace, in your quiet space for your Daily Discovery sheets and reflection time. Facebook group open for 30 days to give you time to complete (or revisit) the lessons. Special incentives and discounts for those who return a Grow Survey.

$75 or Early Bird rate 50% off if you book by May 29th. USE CODE: EarlyBird

More details and registration here. 



Malena has worked in radio, television, corporate marketing and then co-owned an ad agency before starting her branding consulting firm, Athena Institute in 2006. That was also the same year she became a published author with her debut novel The Stork Reality. Since then, Malena has continued her writing and branding career while raising three children.

Lott has won numerous advertising and writing awards and was named to 40 under 40 with OKC Biz. She has branded 200 companies and products and has traveled around the country speaking on writing and marketing topics.

In 2016, she developed a personal and professional growth program called Bow & Arrows to teach bowarrowslogo
professionals about the power of personal branding and small business branding and individual growth. The program uses the Artemis metaphor to create a powerful brand, including the key components: The Hunter (You or Your Brand), The Bow (Life/Business Entity), The Targets, GPS, The Map, The Journey, and The Tribe. The interactive program includes 5 exercises and a compilation of best practices and resources for understanding self and interpersonal relations like Myers-Briggs, Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends & Influence People, Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before and more. The program is available as a 90-minute workshop or a 45-minute luncheon presentation. Private workshops for groups of 6 or more are also available by request.brain-arrows

Contact her today about a private booking for your business or organization.

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