Loaning You The Courage



Pretend I’m your neighbor, but instead of borrowing sugar, you ask for some courage. How much you need? A half a cup? A pint? A barrel?415ra7jqgcl

Sure. Just a sec.

As a brand strategist and storyteller, I trade in courage.

Courage to have the difficult conversations.

Courage to let go of what isn’t working for you.

Courage to examine your wounds and grace to accept them and heal them.

Courage to make life changes that bring about better health and more happiness.

Courage to grow your business or shrink your business – whichever is needed for your lifestyle.

One bow = one unique life. It’s yours. As the hunter, you hold it. Load your own quiver. The arrows, choices, are up to us. Lean on your tribe for their wisdom and support, too.

It starts with AWARENESS – ASSESSMENT- ACTION and getting honest with what we want and need. In the latest episode of ONE BOW MANY ARROWS podcast, I talk about Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life. You can hear all of the golden arrows from the book in my podcast here.

Here’s what I know: you’ll take that borrowed courage and like the results so much that you will start creating your own. Yeah, this is sounding very Wizard of Oz, but it’s true. It was in you the whole time, but maybe you buried the courage with fear. We all have some digging to do.


Ask for what you need and want. Then do whatever it takes to make that happen. You *can* be the dreamer and the doer. You can fix what’s broken.


So, hunters, are you on the path that works for you? Have you picked your targets? Have you mapped your journey, loaded your quiver, selected the right arrows, sharpened your aim? Just know that I’m here to help you do that if you need a brave hunter by your side.

–xoxo ready, aim, grow–>>







What is it you really want?

It was the summer of 2015 and I sat in my leased house in NW Edmond feeling a little lost and sorry for myself. My kids were with their dad and I felt the enormity of the silence. The quiet was yelling at me. “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?”  Because I’m an ENTJ (Extrovert, iNtutive, Thinker, Judger), I assume any voice is demanding some deep philosophical discussion, not like, “hey, what are going to do for…dinner?”

Does she look like she’s leading a workshop? I’ll smile, I promise!

I let the question sit in the sunlight a bit and then I ran to my desk and grabbed a notebook. I wrote, “one bow, many arrows.” I have ONE BOW, ONE life – my own unique, imperfectly perfect life, and I have many, many arrows. The arrows are all of my choices, my thoughts, decisions, habits, actions. I quickly ended the pity party with the idea that I would turn my archery metaphor into a book someday. (And remind myself that my life is up to me. I alone have the ability to make it awesome or awful.) Fast forward a year later and I realized that a-ha moment wasn’t just for a BOOK. Why not use Bow & Arrows to help people with personal and small business branding?

every brand has a story. even you.

The personal brand is you, inside/out. It’s your personality, yes, but it’s also philosophy, passion, purpose, perception and…power. It’s how you see yourself (reflection) PLUS how others see you. There’s often a disconnect.

FullSizeRender 2
I’ll bring the wine, tribe.

We can’t really answer the blog header question, “what is it you want?” until you know who you are. And that, my friend, is always evolving. But we have to start somewhere and if you would like to grow your business, move up in your career, improve the relationships in your life…Bow & Arrows is a pretty cool way to turn awareness into analysis and action.

My first local workshop on Personal Brand Power is August 25th at The Collective in downtown Edmond from 7-8:30 p.m. It’s an hour and half immersive workshop to help you in your journey as the archer (hunter) with one bow, many arrows, and identifying the best targets to achieve success the way you want to define it. Oh, my other passion? Fine wine. Yeah, I’ll have that on hand, too. I know a guy.

Limited seating so register early over on Eventbrite. You can also download the PDF here: bow&arrows personal brand power.

Want to book the workshop for your team or organization? Contact me below ONLY FOR PRIVATE GROUP WORKSHOPS.

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