Loaning You The Courage



Pretend I’m your neighbor, but instead of borrowing sugar, you ask for some courage. How much you need? A half a cup? A pint? A barrel?415ra7jqgcl

Sure. Just a sec.

As a brand strategist and storyteller, I trade in courage.

Courage to have the difficult conversations.

Courage to let go of what isn’t working for you.

Courage to examine your wounds and grace to accept them and heal them.

Courage to make life changes that bring about better health and more happiness.

Courage to grow your business or shrink your business – whichever is needed for your lifestyle.

One bow = one unique life. It’s yours. As the hunter, you hold it. Load your own quiver. The arrows, choices, are up to us. Lean on your tribe for their wisdom and support, too.

It starts with AWARENESS – ASSESSMENT- ACTION and getting honest with what we want and need. In the latest episode of ONE BOW MANY ARROWS podcast, I talk about Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life. You can hear all of the golden arrows from the book in my podcast here.

Here’s what I know: you’ll take that borrowed courage and like the results so much that you will start creating your own. Yeah, this is sounding very Wizard of Oz, but it’s true. It was in you the whole time, but maybe you buried the courage with fear. We all have some digging to do.


Ask for what you need and want. Then do whatever it takes to make that happen. You *can* be the dreamer and the doer. You can fix what’s broken.


So, hunters, are you on the path that works for you? Have you picked your targets? Have you mapped your journey, loaded your quiver, selected the right arrows, sharpened your aim? Just know that I’m here to help you do that if you need a brave hunter by your side.

–xoxo ready, aim, grow–>>







Meet Fitness Mermaid Mary Nhin

Raise your hand if you could puke every time someone asks you if you made any New Year’s resolutions. I’m pro self-improvement, but definitely don’t think there should be a start or end date on it. In fact, I think it should be ongoing and ever-changing just as life is. With that said, BRING ON THE “I WANNA GET FIT AND HEALTHY” 2016 goals! Why 2016? Because maybe it didn’t happen in 2015. And WHY WAIT FOR SHIT THAT’S IMPORTANT FOR WELL-BEING AND BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE? Why not NOW?

We get by with a little help from our friends.

Last week you met my cool friend Patty, who recently became a full-time style coach making women feel oh-so-fab with their wardrobes and att-IT-ude. This week I’m introducing you to another coach, Mary Nhin, whom I know because our boys are classmates and she’s so smart and positive and hell-a cute. She and her hubby own Nhinja Sushi and Wok with 5 locations in the greater OKC area and last year she started The Lean CEO focused on fitness and wellness coaching. Though she LOOKS like she could be a college student, she’s actually 38 and it goes to show that eating well and working out helps keep you looking and feeling young.

Mary achieved mermaid status because she knows you have to WORK FOR IT, EVERY DAY. Nothing we want in life is easy-peezy. That’s why it’s so cool to have coaches, mentors and advisors to help us reach our goals.

Let’s dive in and meet Mary. She’s all about drive, determination and just doooooo it. As usual, bolded remarks and italics are mine for emphasis. 

Mermaid Mary Nhin, fitness coach, The Lean CEO

Mermaid of the Week: Mary Nhin
Think freely, work passionately, live purposefully

ML: At what moment did you decide to deep dive for your dreams?

MN: If you had to place a physical and financial marker when my mental and financial outlook made a 180 degree turn, we would have to look back to 1997. My entrepreneurial journey began when I was 20. I invested $28k in my first business, a day spa. I was scared to death, but my mother spoke to me and gave me the courage to face my dreams and fears. I still remember her exact words, ‘why are you scared’? She looked at me like I was an alien. She had so much confidence in me, more than I had in myself.

ML: What brings a smile to your face?

12463608_1532812303713616_1652589845_nMN: Nature always brings a smile to my face. How could you not walk outside and feel, see, hear the beauty that surrounds you?

ML: Tell us about some of your biggest challenges.

MN: As an entrepreneur you face so many external and internal challenges. These can range from negative people drowning out your dreams with their own beliefs and failures. The government and by-laws, human resource affairs, growing pains, and capital resource limitations all throw entrepreneurs a curve ball on a daily basis. I believe the biggest challenge lies in our head. The little voice inside you that says ‘you can’t do it’ or ‘you’re not good enough.’
Part of my mission as a Coach is to squash that little devil of a voice. I want to empower women to make that first step and believe. It’s imperative that we practice personal development and surround ourselves with like-minded positive people.

ML: What are your go-to tools for enlightened living (presence, intention, action)? 

MN:  When my life began to slow down after I achieved most of my career and financial goals, I began practicing yoga and meditation. There I found that living in the moment was key in my development as a MomPreneur. Hand in hand with this is practicing ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’. It’s easy to get swept up with to-do lists, career goals, and perfectionism. But if we remember to live a life full of gratitude and truly live in the moment, we can capture the essence of life. That’s my motto and I truly try to live by this everyday-think freely, work passionately, live purposefully.

ML: I’m a big believer in gratitude being the key to happiness and keeping stress at bay by focusing on the present moment. Tell us your approach to wellness and fitness. You look amazing, of course, and I know you feel even better than you look. 🙂 

MN: My approach to healthy living is a holistic, big picture approach that involves clean-eating, daily 30 minute workouts, and accountability. I believe these healthy habits can be implemented into anyone’s lifestyle with the right support and it can be fun.

ML: If you’d like to get to know Mary better or even enlist her help on your wellness goals, check her out on these platforms. This week, why not assess how we approach what we eat, what emotions may drive poor choices and how that voice in our head keeps us from diving deep and making good changes in our lives.

The Lean CEO: YouTube | Facebook |  Instagram

To living in the deep,


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